Write Powerful Headlines That Will Double Your Conversions in 5 Minutes

Headlines can be dizzying to produced. I know many times before I learned this formula, my head would spin trying to fabricate a headline that might get people to respond. I stress might because I never knew if they would respond to the headline. It was just a guess. Then I learned this formula that made my conversions shoot through the roof.

The Formula

Viewer’s desired end result + time frame + answer to objection ( or a guarantee)

Let me start with an example.

Hot, Fresh Pizza Delivered in 30 Minutes or it’s Free

Hot, Fresh Pizza – desired end result
30 minutes – time frame
Or it’s Free – guarantee

Another example, the headline for this lesson

Write Powerful Headlines That Will Double Your Conversions in 5 Minutes

Write Powerful Headlines – desired end result
That Will Double Your Conversions – guarantee
In 5 minutes – time frame

When using this framework think of the number one benefit of your product or offering and make that the end result. Then take the number one objection or a quantifiable guarantee you can make to the user. Finally, use a realistic time frame that will make them say wow.

This formula has worked very well form me. Start to look around and analyze the headlines around you. You will see that many of them use some variation of this formula.

Now, tell me, in the comments below, about some headlines you are using or think about using in your business.

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3 comments on “Write Powerful Headlines That Will Double Your Conversions in 5 Minutes
  1. Kenneth Vogt says:

    I am so very tired of two headline forms that get used ad nauseum:

    How to X

    X Ways to Do Y

    Everyone says they work but come on, booooorrrrring. I admit I have succumbed to them a few times. Also, I don’t want to fight what works for the sake of “art”. Do we have to be shameless hucksters just to communicate?

  2. Stephan says:

    Nice formula for a quick headline. Need some more inspiration. Google for Jay Abraham’s top 100 headlines.

  3. ds says:

    hard for our product we distribute hip hop artists releases ep albums singles to digital stores and physical stores . something i know indepents crave but as a headline im lost to get that into a short formiular.