Setting Up Mailchimp on Your Landing Page

1. Click on List in the main menu on your Mailchimp account and then click on Design Signup Form.

2. Click on For Your Website in the sub-menu on the Lists page and then select Signup Form Embed Code.

3. Scroll in the generated code box until you see the html <form> tag. In the form tag you will see the action attribute. The action attribute is set to the Mailchimp URL for submitting signup request to your emal list on Mailchimp.  In the example below the Mailchimp URL is;id=8810c59de5.  Yours will correspond to the site  you signed up with on Mailchimp.

4. Copy the entire URL, everything betwen the quotes.
5. Paste the URL in the Mailchimp URL box on your landing page’s options setting page.

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