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Neil Patel uses a squeeze page on the home page of

This landing page is set as’s homepage. Neil Patel is the owner of the site. He helps website owners create content, build traffic, and nurture their leads. He also is a co-founder of several software businesses. The picture in the center of the landing page is of him.

First, setting a simple landing page with an optin form as a landing page is a great way to make an offer to your visitors to join you right up front. For many sites, the homepage is the most visited page. This guarantees that a majority of visitors will see the offer.

The headline on this page is succinct. It is short and gets to the point. The think to make note here is the message doesn’t try to include everyone. If you want to Make Better Content, then you should sign-up. If you don’t want to make better content, then you shouldn’t sign-up.

The sub-headline really punctuates the message. The content Neil is going to show you how to make is so “your audience and traffic continue to grow.”

The subscribe box and the message that follows is where this page really gets interesting. Not only does Neil decide to limit his offer to those looking to make better content, he is limiting it to those with a website and a google account. With each step down the page, he is narrowing his audience.

If you thought he could go any further on narrowing down his audience, then you were wrong. The final blow to getting anyone to subscribe comes when he says, “you’ll be asked to grant Quick Sprout access to your Google Analytics data.” Are you kidding me? He wants us to give him access to our Google Analytics data? This is extreme, but I am sure it is working great for him.

The reason I believe it is working good for him, is that I know he has been marketing on the web for a longtime. He know how to reach his audience. And he know what demographics he is looking for. This page is a great example of top notch copy writing and marketing.

Key takeaways

  • a landing page as your homepage will guarantee more visitors see your offer
  • the headline should speak directly to your audience
  • each progressive step through your message can further narrow down the audience
  • even the way you have the subscriber sign up and what you require them to do after sign up can be used to focus what type of person subscribes

Let me know what you think about this teardown in the comments below.

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