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4 comments on “Member Home
  1. Diane Court says:


    I love just about everything about your plug-in – (I’m using the Ultimate Landing Page Advanced product).

    I’m running into two issues on which I’d appreciate your help:
    1) for Mailchimp email management, what is the email list URL – I have a list ID for integration, but that isn’t working here.

    2) where do we drop the custom CSS to adjust the centerDiv class between the two content areas -that is the email form subheading, email form, and the notify button? It may be something inherited from the theme, but the button insists on left-alignment (unless I change the entire DIV class in the theme CSS – fine for now while we’re making only the landing page public – but not permanently 😀

    I think I just want the .centerDiv class to align center – and I’m having no success; the other classes and IDs affected are: .emailform, .featuresButton, #emailFormBtton, and #notifyBtn

    The theme we are using is the Crystalline theme from CMSMasters

    Thanks for any insight you can provide.


  2. Sara Allen says:

    I just purchased your advance plugin to allow MailChimp to work. I uploaded the zip file to WordPress and installed it successfully however I’m still not able to access the “MailChimp” option in the Ultimate Landing Page’s dashboard.

    Please advise.


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