Professional Maintenance Mode Page to Send All of Your Visitors to While Your Site is Being Worked On

Simple Maintenance Mode Wordpress Plugin
  • Elegant Designs
  • Countdown Timer
  • Social Icons
  • Customize with your message
  • Add a form or other contact info.

Customizable Message

Start with the default message or make it all your own. Whichever you choose, you have full control.

6 Responsive Themes

All of the design work has been done for you. Choose your theme, click, and go. Looks good on any mobile device.

Countdown Timer

Reinforce that your site is current and let your users know when you will be back.

Add Your Logo

Branding has never been more important than now. Add your logo to make the maintenance page yours.

Social Icons

With Twitter and Facebook being the most popular social sites, we have included a social icon for each. Just leave them blank if you don't want to use them.

Customizable Content Area

Use the familiar Wordpress editor to add your own message to the body of the page. You can use text, html, images, videos, and shortcodes.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
- Steve Jobs
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