Free - Ultimate Landing Pages Advanced Plugin for Wordpress

Way More Features Than the Version in the Wordpress Repository

  • Create an unlimited number of landing pages
  • Multiple themes and templates to give you more design options
  • Build a mailing list to grow your business
  • Customizable landing page for branding
  • Coming soon page to get started
  • Analytics support allows you to track your progress
  • Google Fonts for a great selection of web safe fonts
  • Add your logo to further brand your business
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I created the Ultimate Landing Page Plugin to fill a need I had for placing a landing page free of headers and sidebars on my Wordpress sites. Before creating the plugin, the only solutions I could come up with that worked well was to custom code each theme or download a theme that already had landing pages build into it. The problem was, I use different themes on different sites and many of those themes do not have a landing page build into them.

I created the Ultimate Landing Page Plugin to make it fast and easy to create a landing page or coming soon page. Signing up will add you to my email list which will include updates, tips, strategies, and more for making your landing page and Wordpress site work for you.