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Creating landing pages in Wordpress is difficult with the standard installation.  I created the Ultimate Landing Page Advanced plugin to make it easy.   This plugin makes it fast and easy to get your landing pages up like a professional.  And the great part, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars and hours laboring.  You can have your first landing page up in minutes. - Jeff Bullins, founder thinklandingpages.com

Lost Opportunities

When your launching a site, you usually buy a domain name and sign up for web hosting. Then you install Wordpress. You are sitting there with a blank site. You then have to take time to find the right theme, design a logo, and write some content to put on the site. Now you have spent boat loads of time developing your site and are ready to tell the world about it, but you don't have anyone to tell or at least no one you don't already know.

I know this is the way it goes because I did the same thing. I would put up sites and spend months creating content and getting the site ready. I would set a date that I was going to tell the world about my site and then when I was all done, the flock of visitors didn't come running. Yes, the traffic did start to come. As a matter of fact, there was traffic coming for months. The problem was I became so focused on sitting in a corner writing my content, I had missed the opportunity to get to know the visitors.

I no longer start sites that way. Once I started to understand that I could start on the first day to engage my audience and build a relationship before all of my content was ready, my business changed drastically.

Now I put up a coming soon page right after I install Wordpress. I put an email form on it to collect emails and every visitor is given the opportunity to join me in my venture. I feel I owe it to them to give them this option and many of them feel the same way.

Can you afford to loose so many visitors at the beginning. You are working so hard to succeed and prove to everyone that you can do it. Each visitor lost represents a lost opportunity for you.

Looking for an easier way

You've search the web trying to find landing page templates. You've tried to manipulate Wordpress to get it to block off the entire site and only show one page while you work on others. Everything seems to be to complicated and all you feel like you are doing is wasting time.

Another option you have, and maybe you have explored is to hire a developer. But every time you think about it, you ask yourself if it is really worth it to pay hundreds of dollars for a coming soon page. Then you wonder if you will really get what you want.

Of course, you could always buy some expensive, $200 or higher, software. It would probable work for you, but you don't want to spend that much money.

I agree with you. You shouldn't spend that much on a coming soon page. I also don't think it is very productive to try and manipulate your regular Wordpress pages and theme to try and design a coming soon page. You literally have to go into the code that runs Wordpress to do it correctly.

Your best bet is to use my plugin to put a coming soon page on your site. Checkout the video below to see me create a coming soon page.

High Converting Landing Pages After you've launched

Once you are up and running, you won't need the coming soon page any longer, but you will still need dedicated landing pages to send traffic to for the visitors to sign up to your email list. Email opt-in forms in the sidebar and within your post are good, but they don't come close to the effectiveness of presenting your offer on a page that has no distractions.

Professional internet marketers know that a very focused landing page, sometimes called a squeeze page, is the best way to get visitors to become subscribers. Personally, I have seen significantly more sign ups come through dedicated email opt-in landing pages than through any other technique.

A dedicated landing page is not much different than many of your other pages and post. You have a headline and focused content and a specific action you want the viewer to take. The difference is you remove distractions like the header menus and sidebars. Otherwise you could just use a regular Wordpress page.

But don't ignore the subtle differences. Anything on the page that does not lead the viewer to complete the call to action will hurt your conversions, and in some cases, may cause you to get little to no conversions at all.

Before we go any further, I want to address a common misconception about "squeeze pages." Some people frown on using them; some even shun the thought. But there is nothing wrong with using them. Most people will be thankful that you do use them. Sure, you will get the occasional person who is put off by your use of them, but that will be the case no matter what you do in life.

Remember, a squeeze page is nothing more than a very focused landing page without distractions. What you want to stay clear of is manipulating the user's desire to leave your page if they are not interested in your offer. This is usually done by stopping the user from leaving your site when they click the back button. This should never be done.

Now you are again left with the dilemma of having to manipulate Wordpress to get the results you want. But there is no need to worry because you can use the Ultimate Landing Page Advanced plugin to create professional, high converting email opt-in landing pages (squeeze pages).

Works With Any Wordpress Theme

You can keep your current theme and use the Ultimate Landing Page Advanced plugin.

Use with Aweber, Mailchimp, or Any Email Management Software

Built in email form supports Feedburner, Aweber, and Mailchimp.  Choose custom form and add your own email form.

Easily Create Professional Landing Pages

Pre-designed templates put you one click away from a good landing page.

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"If you could do one thing right now to drastically improve your lead generation efforts, it would be to use landing pages on your website." - Hubspot

Find Out Which Landing Pages Convert Best With A/B Split Tests

Create multiple copies of the same page and test different elements using your favorite testing software like Google Analytics.

No Need to Learn a New Way of Doing Things

Uses Wordpress' standard page editing tools.

"I use this plugin daily. It helps me create landing pages fast. I don't have to think about designing the page too much. It lets me focus on the message I want to deliver to my audience." - J B


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