Know Exactly How Visitors Got To Your Site And Everything They Have Done From The First Visit Until Now

Never Wonder If Your Marketing Campaign Is Working

Whether you are running ads, guest posting, publishing infographics, doing social media outreaches, etc..., you need to know what is effective.

The problem...most analytics programs only give credit to the last referring campaign. If you have a visitor come to your site through an ad campaign, then through a social campaign, and finally buys something from you; only the social campaign will get credit.


Besides this, most analytics programs track page views and visits, not visitors. The information they provide is good information, but it lacks the necessary individual visitor data that is necessary to make good business decisions.

When you can only see how many visitors took a specific action, and not the individual visitor, you cannot tell where one action crosses another. This leaves you wondering exactly what is working on your site.

When you can see individual visitors flow through your site, you can understand exactly what is working and what is not.

There are some analytics programs that track individual visitor data. But they are expensive and bloated. Their target audience is high volume, large sites with a boat load of money to waste.

Visitor Tracking Enhancement


We believe that many of the analytics programs out there are good for aggregate data about site visits. They just lack the specific individual visitor tracking a business needs. This is why we are creating Track Engage.

It is not a replacement for your existing analytics software, but an enhancement. We are focused on giving you the ability to track when a visitor first comes to your site and then every interaction after that.

Why we are building it

We spend a lot of time and money on different marketing campaigns. With Google Analytics, we only know if the campaign is working if a visitor takes the specific actions we want to measure before they interact with another one of our campaigns.

We know that this is not the way most buyers come to a decision. Depending on the product, it could take many interactions with our site and campaigns before they buy. We realize we have to track the visitor individually, over a long period of time, and through multiple campaigns.

With that realization, we went out looking for a solution and quickly found that it would be a very expensive monthly fee to track visitors. Because we are software developers, we decided to create a solution for ourselves.


Why we are offering it to your business

We believe that every business needs this software. We also believe that it shouldn't cost hundreds of dollars a month. So, we decided to build the product out for every business, including yours.

When will it be available

Right now we are hard at work in alpha testing.  We are preparing to go into beta testing soon.  We will be looking for some business like yours to work with us in beta.

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