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Background Color****
Background Image****
Background Image scroll****
Logo (image)****
Text Logo****
Text Logo Font (Google Web Fonts)****
Text Logo Size****
Text Logo Color****
Headline Font (Google Web Fonts)****
Headline Size****
Headline Color****
One and Two-Column Layout****
Content Background Color****
Content Background Opacity****
Content Area****
Content Area Font (Google Web Fonts)****
Content Area Font Color****
Content Area Font Size****
Content Area Width****
Custom Email Management - GetResponse, Constant Contact, Office Autopilot(Entraport), Infusion Soft, and more...***
Email Form****
Email Form Background Color****
Email Form Button Text****
Email Form Subheading****
Email Form Shortcode for Custom Forms***
Analytics Code Box***
Custom css/javascript Code Box***
Seo Meta Description***
Include wp_head***
Include wp_footer***
Use other plugins and shortcodes with your landing pages****
Blank Landing Page Template - create and manage custom html landing pages in Wordpress***
Coming Soon Page****
Set As Home Page****
Gateway Page***

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