Bonus + How to Grow Your Email List By Using Multiple Subscribe Forms

You should have at least one email subscribe form on every page. The problem is, many of your visitors may not pay attention to the form you have.

I've read some site owners say they have one email form in the right sidebar and they do really well with getting visitors to subscribe using that form. But, I can tell you from experience...placing the signup form on the top right sidebar doesn't always produce the best results... Have you experienced dismal results with the general form on the right sidebar?

Multiple Places to Put Your Form

The truth is, there are multiple places that you should place your email opt-in forms to maximize the full potential of visitors signing up. If you look at sites that are growing their list by phenomenal rates, you will see they are using a variety of form placements to capture as many subscribers as possible.

One such blog is Corbert Barr has been running for a number of years. For several years he ran his site with fairly good conversions on his email list, but he knew that the conversions could be improved. He decided to redesign his site and in doing so, one of the main things he focused on was the email form placement. By strategically placing forms on his site and testing the results, he was able to increase his conversions.

Test to See Where You Should Put Your Form

You really have to test to see what will work well on your site. You may find that moving your form to the end of the post works better than having it in the sidebar. You may also find that having multiple placements gets more people to subscribe.

I have found that two to three signup forms works the best on my blog post. I usually place one in the sidebar, one at the end of the post, and sometimes, one in the header or in the middle of the post.

Depending on your audience, you may find that having three forms is too aggressive and causes your conversions to go down. It goes all back to testing.

Don't Manually Place Your Forms

For a long time I would manually place forms on my sites. This would require me to copy and paste my forms in various places. It also meant I had to hunt down each of the forms when I wanted to make changes. It was a headache at times.


Now I use a Wordpress Plugin to manage my email subscribe forms. The plugin is called Optinskin. Have you heard of it?

Usually when I get fed up enough with a problem, I will write my own plugin and share it. But when I saw how well put together Optinskin is and how it could help solve the problem of placing and testing multiple email subscribe form in many places on a Wordpress site, well, I jumped on it. Let me show you how powerful it is.

Easy to Use Templates

The templates make it really easy to get a great looking form up quickly.  I was able to choose a template for my forms and get customize the message in a matter of minutes.

Integrates With Many Email Providers

One of the hardest things to get to work with Wordpress is your email subscribe form. Optinskin makes it super easy to link your form to your email management service. The plugin provides integration for many of the most popular companies and the ability to setup a custom provider if your company is not listed.

I use Aweber for my email management. Setting up the form to submit to Aweber was as easy as putting in my list name.

Place the Forms Anywhere

Do you want an email subscribe form at the beginning of your post, at the end, or in the sidebar? Optinskin makes it easy to put it anywhere you like by simply selecting where you want it to appear.

  • At the bottom of your posts.
  • At the top of your posts.
  • Below the first paragraph.
  • Floating on the right of the second paragraph
  • And anywhere else on your blog you wish using a shortcode or widget.

Customize the Look and Feel to Match Your Site

Optinskin provides many different controls to customize how your forms look. I was able to change all of the colors to match my site. It also let me choose my headline and text fonts.

Track Visits, Signups, and A/B Split Test

Optinskin has built in analytics so you can track how many people see your forms and signup. It also has the ability to split test one form against another.

Overall I really like Optinskin. It has made it very easy to place good looking subscribe forms on my site in many different locations. It integrates will with my email manangement company. Tracking is supper easy.

If you are looking for an easy way to put more forms on your site, and want a way to test those forms to help increase conversions; try Optinskin. They offer a 60 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to loose.

Try the demo out on the Optinskin homepage.


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Just send an email to with your receipt number and I will send you the book.

If you decide to follow any links to Optinskin from and purchase the plugin, I will receive an affiliate commission.