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Look! There are many different ways to make landing pages. Some of them are harder than others.  The bigger question is...

What Are You Actually Trying to Accomplish

  • You are not looking to become a graphic designer.
  • It's not your desire to create landing pages for a living.
  • You don't want to be a Wordpress landing page guru.

You Want Landing Pages to Get More Leads... So You Can Make More Money

  • You want to build your landing pages fast so you're not wasting time messing with them over and over
  • You want your landing pages to work with your email form
  • You want something that is just plain simple to use

Quit Worrying About the Technical Stuff

  • You're not a programmer, that's why you use Wordpress
  • You don't have time to learn how to manipulate Wordpress to get what you want

I Mean, Really...Are You Planning on Digging in the Code Yourself

Sure, I know you probably would try to manipulate the code...just to give it a shot...because your not afraid...But, ain't know body got time for that.  You have other important things to be doing to make your business grow.

When You Find the Little Pockets of Time to Work on Your Business, You Need Results

When you have an extra 30 minutes outside of your busy schedule...You don't want to be fiddling with trying to upload some template...Trying to figure out how to link everything to your Wordpress site.

That's Why You Are Using Wordpress in the First Place

You jump in there and put out a blog post or page quickly and easily.  You landing page should be just as quick and easy.

You Don't Need to Struggle Making Landing Pages Anymore

I can show you how to make a landing page from scratch.  I can even show you how to manipulate the Wordpress' code to get a landing page to show up.

But I'm not going to do that.  You know why?  Because I'm not going to waste your time or my time messing with that.  You need to be working on your traffic and lead conversions.  They are going to demand way more of your time and energy than landing pages...and rightfully so.

Traffic Generation, Landing Pages, and Lead Conversion...You Can't Have One Without the Others

If anyone of these components is missing you will fail...or at least you will struggle more than you should.

But...you can spend a lot less time on landing pages...than on the other traffic generation and lead conversions.

Matter of fact, you have to divide your time with much of it going to traffic and lead conversions to make it all work.

You've Got 3 Options

  • Hire a web developer to create landing pages for you
  • Code your own landing pages
  • Use a plugin that builds landing pages for you

Let's analyze each one

What Does It Take to Hire a Web Developer to Create a Landing Page

First, you have to realize (I know you know this...I'm just stating the obvious), there are a lot of wannabe web developers out there.
Even if we forget about the ones that don't have your best interest in mind and only focus on the ones who mean to do well for you...there are still more that really don't know what they are doing.

Sure, they can put something together...But...how long will it take them... will they be able to navigate all of the technical nuances that Wordpress, your database, and the coding require.

And then, how long will it take you to find someone that is proficient (or that you hope is proficient).  I mean, how many hours do you think you will spend looking for the right developer...one...three...six...twenty.

How Much Is Your Time Worth

If you are spending all of that time looking for a developer, then you are not doing the other two tasks that really require your time.

Do You Really Know What You Are Going to Get When the Developer Is Done

Yeah, they showed you a bunch of work they previously did...but can you be confident your landing page is going to come out looking like you want it.

And what if it doesn't come out how you like it?

Are they going to charge you more?  If you decide it just isn't working...are they going to give you your money back?

How Much Will a Developer Cost

The starting rate to do a single landing page is $100...and it goes up from there...into the 1000's of dollars.

You also have to pay to have someone put it on your site and make sure it is working.

There Goes Another $100 to $200

Needless to say, I don't recommend having a developer build you a landing page...unless you have a big budget for that and are will to spend the time that is necessary to find a developer that is going to get it right.

Next...You Could Develop the Landing Page Yourself

There is software you can use to make a landing page...like Microsoft Word or Open Office.  Many of these software will allow you to export your creation into a html page.

The Problem You Will Have After You Export

You generally don't get a page that looks like what you created in the software.  The software is trying to guess how the page should look in a web browser.

Also, the code that is generated is eextremely bulky...slowing the page when it loads on your prospects computer.

Then, you are still stuck having to put the page on your website and making it work with your Wordpress site.

A Plugin Is the Choice That Makes the Most Sense...It Is the Best Choice

A well designed Wordpress plugin will seamlessly integrate with your current system...All you have to do is upload it and activate it.  You never have to see any of the code or go through any hoops to install the files.

A landing page plugin will allow you to work in Wordpress' native environment.  It is just like creating a page or post.

That's Why I Created the Ultimate Landing Page Advanced Plugin...So You Would Not Have to Waste Time...Saving You Money

Your support here has been amazing

Hi Jeff,Thanks for this- I really appreciate it. Your support here has been amazing.
Among some of my friends, I"m kind of "techie," but I know better!
Have a great day,Suz.

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Start Building High Coverting Landing Pages Now

  • Build an unlimited amount of landing pages
  • Add any form to your landing pages including Aweber, Mailchimp, and more...
  • Use the plugin on all of your sites
  • Brand your pages with your logo
  • Use Google Web Fonts to add custom text
  • and much more...
$69 $49
You Save $20 (29% Off)
*Limited Time Offer

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$69 $49
You Save $20 (29% Off)
*Limited Time Offer

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Very fast and always to the point

Hi Jeff,

many thanks for this very comprehensive explanation. Now I think I got it.
Will give it a try and if you like, keep you informed about any findings and issues.
By the way: your support is just great. Very fast and always to the point
Kind regards