Landing Pages Are Not Like Other Pages

Landing Pages Are Not Like Other Pages
In 1900, Orville Wright studied the different ways that birds fly. He and his brother tried to apply what they learned about birds to their flying machine.

Years after making many successful flights, Orville concluded, ” Birds and aeroplanes are far different…After we were taught by the air we could understand why birds did certain things during their flight…”

Landing pages are nothing like the other pages on your site. You can’t study what happens on those pages and expect to learn how to build a good landing page. Just like the Wright brothers had to learn from the air, you have to learn from your traffic.

A landing page is about your traffic. The traffic will dictate what you can do on your landing page. But you must remember what your ultimate goal is; to get a sign up, make a sale, or get a share.

Your traffic is a river that runs through your page. A river can be directed, but it must be done right. If not, the river will find its own course and it usually won’t be in the direction you want it to go.

You have to learn what a good landing page is and what it is not. You have to understand the way a user thinks and makes decisions. How does their mindset just before entering your page affect what they believe when they read your headline? What will get them to the desired goal?

A landing page is not meant to get a user to go to other pages and read more. A landing page is meant to get your traffic to respond to a specific call to action. This is why some bloggers have a difficult time with landing pages. They have studied the flow of traffic through a blog and employed strategies to engage their audience to move from page to page on their site.

Landing pages present a road block because they are a wall presented to your traffic. They say, make a decision to either go through or leave. This causes many bloggers to write negative things about landing pages. These criticisms usually come about because of a misunderstanding about the purpose of a landing page. When you are creating landing pages, study the design and strategies of successful landing pages. This will help you and your audience get more out of the experience.

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