How To Scale Your Business To Profits

In the first two lessons I covered how to find a marketable business idea and validate it.  With those two lessons, you are well on your way to having a business that you can profit.

There is nothing like the feeling of knowing you have a business that people want to buy from.  It’s like standing on top of a mountain and looking over a lush green valley.  You can see every tree, rock, stream…everything that moves.  You are on top of the world.

The third step in the Business Success Startup Formula will help bring you to the summit of that mountain.  It is time to scale your business to real profits.  You now know who your customer is, what they want to buy, and why they want to buy.  Now you have to find more of your customers and deliver what they are looking for.

This is where channels of communication and demand meet your supply.  There are many routes to drive your audience into your offer.  You have to be strategic.  Just like the other two phases of developing your business, you want to hypothesis, test, measure, and learn.  This process will help you hone in on the right channels and offer to reach your customers.

First, take what you learned in the first two steps and hypothesis about where your audience can be reached and how you will reach them.  It could be through forum marketing, buying ads, in-person sales, phone calls, joint ventures, etc…  The key here is to take an educated guess based on what you already know.  Then test, measure, and learn.  Continue to loop through this process until you find what works.

Once you find something that works, scale it up.  Then look for more ways to bring your customers in and retain them.

After you find some channels that work for you, you can use this same process to focus your offers more.

You now have a real business that supplies what its customers want.

I hope you have enjoyed this overview of the Business Startup Success Formula.  Read through the three lessons again to make sure you apply this formula to your business.

The Business Startup Success Formula is the process I use to start and grow my businesses.   In a few days, I am going to send you a link to the full course.  If you are serious about making your business profitable, you need to checkout the full course.

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