Grow An Email List


  • Communicate with your audience in a personal way so they will know they can trust you.
  • Owning an email list means you own the platform. You aren’t dependent on places like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Growing a list is not difficult. It just takes doing the right things.


Growing an email list is extremely important to your business and the success of your business, and the reason why is because it allows you to communicate with your audience in a very personal way that you really can’t get through just directly your blog or RSS feeds or even through Twitter or Facebook or these other social networks where they do allow you to get some interaction, but they don’t allow you to reach out to each individual at an individual, personal level in their most prized place, which is their inbox, in the email. It also allows you not to be dependent on any platform. If you’re getting traffic or you’re interacting in a place like Facebook, then you could be subject to them changing their rules or even possibly shutting down altogether, and you lose all that connectivity, whereas with an email list, that doesn’t happen. What you want to do is you want to collect emails from your audience to continually engage them. The way you do this is very simple: you just have them sign up on forms. You put sign up forms on your site and have them sign up. If you don’t do this, then you really are in danger of not connecting as well with them; you risk losing the connectivity if the platform you are connecting with them on changes. Really, it allows you, at any given time, to just reach right in and start talking to them and allow them to also talk back to you, in a very private setting, which is the email. Getting someone to trust you with their email address is a deeper level of permission even than somebody friending you on Facebook or following you on Twitter or any of these other social networks. So the thing you need to do is get out there and start building your email list now.

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  1. Jeff puts it over in simple terms and with the emphasis on the list. Collecting peoples e-mails is one of the most valuable contributions to your website being successful.

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