Email List

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List Settings Page

From Email

This is the email address that will be sent in the From: header of your email.


All emails will be sent with this as the from name.  Leave it blank if you don’t want a name to appear.

Email Footer

This will appear at the bottom of every email.  You should put the CAN-SPAM requirements here.  You don’t need to include an unsubscribe link.  The plugin will add an unsubscribe link automatically.

Email List

This displays all of the emails you can send.  They are only available to send if they have been published.  Click Add New to create a new email.


Subscriber Name/Email

Enter a name and email address to subscribe a new email to your list.  The email address is required.  The name is optional.

Subscriber List

This contains all of your subscribers.  You can subscribe and unsubscribe email addresses by clicking on the action link associated with a given email address.

Subscribe a subscriber using a url

If you want to subscribe a subscriber using a url, use the following url.  Be sure to change the domain to match your site’s domain.

Send Email

Choose the email you want to send from the drop down list and click send.  You will be asked to confirm that you want to send the email.  When you click yes to confirm you want to send the email, the email will be sent to all of the subscribed subscribers.
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