Create a Two Columns Video Landing Page With an Email Form Under the Video

The best way to create a two column landing page, at this time, is to use Content Area 1 and the Content Area (formerly Custom Email Form).  We are working on a shortcode system that will allow you to make multiple columns in one WordPress Editor (i.e. Content Area 1).  Look for it soon.

1.  Choose a layout.  You need to choose either Layout 1 or Layout 2.  It doesn’t really matter which one you choose because they are both content areas edited by a WordPress editor.



2.  Put your benefits, features and description in Content Area 1.  Since we chose Layout 2, Content Area 1 will be on the right.


3.  Set Email Management to Custom.  Selecting Custom for your Email Management


4.  Put your video link or player and the Custom Email Form shortcode, , in Content Area (formerly Custom Email Form).  The Custom Email Shortcode will be where your email form appears.


5.  Paste your email form code in the Custom Email Form for Shortcode box.  You get this from your email manangement company (i.e. Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact).


6.  Save your landing page and view.

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