Advanced Landing Page Modes And How To Use Them

The Ultimate Landing Page Advanced has several modes that you can use to control how and when your visitors see a landing page.  The four modes available are Default, Coming Soon/Maintenance, Homepage, and Gateway.  These modes can be set on the Landing Page Options Setting page (Settings>Landing Page Options).

  • Default
  • Coming Soon/Maintenance
  • Homepage
  • Gateway


Default mode is set when you make no selection on the Landing Page Options Setting page.  In this mode, visitors will only see landing pages when you send them directly to them.  This can be from an external or internal link.  As an example, you make a post and what to direct visitors to a landing page within the post.  You would put a direct link to the landing page in your post.

Coming Soon/Maintenance

This mode sets the page you select under the dropdown, WordPress Page, as the page every non-logged in viewer will see.  This allows you to work on your site while you are logged in, but only allows visitors to see the landing page.


Choosing this mode will display the landing page selected under the dropdown, WordPress Page, as your homepage.


The gateway mode will show the landing page selected under the dropdown, WordPress Page, to all non-logged in users/visitors on every page except for the post/page ids that are in the exclude from gateway list.

A cookie will be set using the Gateway Timer setting (set in seconds).  This cookie will be used to determine the next time a visitor will see the gateway landing page.  It is impossible to set a cookie that never expires, but you can set the timer to a very high number so that the user would not see the landing page often.

For example, if you wanted the interval to be every two years, you could set the timer to 63072000 (365 x 2 x 24 x 60 x 60 = 63072000).  Just don’t exceed 2 billion seconds because there is a logical limit to the value the code can have here.

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